As part of the Handmade in Egypt Program, Mimi Robinson traveled to Africa to develop and design a comprehensive collection of ceramic, wood and glass products incorporating traditional culture and ancient handmade techniques.

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Highlights include a 20-piece ceramic lantern collection inspired by the pierced windows of Islamic mosques. Additional collections from this project include lamp-worked glass candleholders, ornaments, handcrafted wooden bowls and utensils. The wooden bowl collection was sold through Simon Pierce.



Requiring considerable craftsmanship, each lantern is hand-carved and the collection inspired by a colors of Cairo, Egypt.

Launched at The New York International Gift Fair 2011, the collections were among the top selling products for Aid to Artisans. Sold through retailers, including Viva Terra, Flora Grub, and Canvas, the Handmade in Egypt program generated new sales and benefited Egyptian artisan enterprises.

Mimi Robinson’s approach combines cultural design research, market considerations, and on-site collaborations with artisans. From conception to final execution, Mimi Robinson Design provided product development, design, design seminars, training, and on-site implementation.

Project includes:
+ Product design and development
+ Design seminars and training
+ On-site implementation